Oba Lata out today!

It’s been a little while since our last album release back in 2013, but the inspiration for making new music has never stopped. The new album is finished!

We released our first digital single “DAKAR” a couple of weeks ago and are truly thankful for the great response it’s received. This track is our first release from the vinyl EP “OBA LATA”, which is available as of today.   

Written by Chris Franck and Davide Giovaninni, Oba Lata draws on traditional Yoruban chant, blending it with a live afro beat groove and melodic synth lines. The vocals honour “Obatala”, one of the main Orishas in Yoruban culture. He is seen as the creator of earth and a lover of peace and harmony – all that we need more than ever in the world right now.

The EP also features a remix of OBA LATA by the inimitable IG CULTURE and ALEX PHOUNTZI better known as NAMEBROUNDSOUND.   Your support over the years and especially over the last few weeks means so much and will always inspire us to keep making music. Thank you!You can download DAKAR from here and order your copy of OBA LATA.